New Projects

2012 “Featured ASCAP Performances”

Dancing With the Stars:

Season 13, Episodes 6, 8, 10 and 12.

Dancing With the Stars:

“The Results Show”, weeks 3, 4 and 10.
Peace, Love and Misunderstanding” movie trailer featured music.

Saturday Night Live
“Financial Crisis” parody.

Burns and Kristy

Ron has dedicated much of his time the last year to producing and performing the CD “Caravan”
with his wife Terry Burns, as the duo Burns and Kristy

Their first single, “Blue Paper Boat” was a finalist in the International Acoustic Music Awards

The CD has been described as “Vocal based acoustic, country-folky pop with a spiritual and whimsical attitude”

Ron and Terry call it the “perfect fit” for TV, commercials and film projects.

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Turn on the TV anywhere in the world and you'll probably hear Ron Kristy's music! "America's Most Wanted," Fox Sports, T-Mobile, HBO's "Inside the NFL," AT&T Wireless and "NFL Live" all have one thing in common - they use Ron's music. You can enjoy Ron's original music scores on PBS - "Soul of the Senate - The Robert Byrd Story," the Discovery Channel - "Angel Stories," "Stories of Miracles" and "Life After Life," even the Golf Channel highlights Ron's music- "Playing Lessons With the Pros."