Turn on the TV anywhere in the world and you’ll probably hear Ron Kristy’s music! “20/20,” Fox Sports, “The Dog Whisperer”, HBO’s “Inside the NFL,” “Dancing with the Stars,” and “NFL Live” all have one thing in common — they use Ron’s music.  You can enjoy Ron’s original music scores  on PBS – “Soul of the Senate – The Robert Byrd Story,” the Discovery Channel – “Angel Stories,” “Stories of Miracles” and “Life After Life,” even the Golf Channel  highlights Ron’s music with the theme for  “Playing Lessons With the Pros.” He has written and performed commercials for Coca Cola (English and Spanish), Miller Beer, Pepsi, The National Guard, Peace Corps, Bridgestone/Firestone, Clairol, Kentucky Fried Chicken and many more.

Why Ron Kristy?

First of all, listen to the reel.  You can start with “Essential Ron Kristy.” Ron believes that music is the deepest expression of the soul.  Great music enhances and underscores the emotions of the visuals.  Even in modern “loop-based” music, you should be able to feel the depth and the passion of the composer. It’s also nice to know that you’re dealing with a seasoned professional, and that your project will come in on time, on budget.  Please feel free to check out what Ron’s clients have to say about his music and his way of working – and please feel free to contact any of them.

Dan Shreve – dshreve@themediacenter.tv (Director “Soul of the Senate – The Robert Byrd Story on PBS)  Dan and Ron have worked together creating over 40 TV commercials.

Ken Nelson – ken.nelson@Firstcom.com (Senior Vice President/Executive Producer Universal Publishing Production Music)

Peter Shockey – petershock@aol.com (Film-maker “Life After Life” (NY Film Festival Award), “Angel Stories”, “Miracle Stories”, many others The Discovery Channel

Donna Culver – dhculver@comcast.net (Director “Life Flight”, “Alive Hospice” TV Specials), Ron and Donna have worked together for over 20 years in Nashville and NY.

What About Ron Kristy?

Ron was born in Brooklyn, NY.  Even as a young boy growing up on Long Island, Ron’s major passion was music, and he quickly became proficient at playing various instruments and composing songs by the age of 12.  By the age of 19, Ron was writing scores for major TV commercials and recording artists.  Signed as staff writer/producer at Warner Chappel in New York, Ron later became a co- founder of Musicastil, the largest music production company in Mexico City.  He has been one of Nashville and NY’s most prolific composers for TV and film for the last 20 years, winning numerous Ad Festival Awards and 2 New York Film Festival Awards. On the personal side, Ron has studied many years of martial arts and meditation, and taught music for 6 years at Riverbend Maximum Security Prison in Nashville.  An active worker for peace in the world, Ron also performs around the country with his beautiful and talented wife Terry Burns as the duo “Burns and Kristy” (www.burnsandkristy.com)  Their first release, “Blue Paper Boat” was a Finalist in the International Acoustic Music Awards! (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=isIQEpYnObs)

Ron and Terry, along with their 7 year old son Noah Skye, moved to upstate New York 5 years ago.  They are still trying to “catch their breath…”

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Turn on the TV anywhere in the world and you'll probably hear Ron Kristy's music! "America's Most Wanted," Fox Sports, T-Mobile, HBO's "Inside the NFL," AT&T Wireless and "NFL Live" all have one thing in common - they use Ron's music. You can enjoy Ron's original music scores on PBS - "Soul of the Senate - The Robert Byrd Story," the Discovery Channel - "Angel Stories," "Stories of Miracles" and "Life After Life," even the Golf Channel highlights Ron's music- "Playing Lessons With the Pros."